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SANDMAN Sleep Well Tea is a nervine tonic. It is calming and relaxing to your nerves and your body, helps you rest better, improves sleep, and keeps up your tolerance for daily stressors.


SANDMAN Sleep Well Tea is a nervine tonic. It is calming and relaxing to your nerves and your body, helps you rest better, improves sleep, and keeps up your tolerance for daily stressors.

Valerian (Valeriana officinalis): The main use of Valerian in recent times has focused on improving sleep but it is also widely used for nervousness, anxiety, cramps, and headaches. Valerian has been described as the perfect herbal tranquilizer, used in war situations to treat shell shock. Its constituents improve coordination, relax muscle tissue, and decrease anxiety. A small percentage of people experience Valerian as stimulating rather than relaxing. Where this is the case, Mexican Valerian, Hops, or Kava may be more suited.

Withania (Withania somnifera): Also known as Ashwaganda or Indian Ginseng, Withania is probably the most used herb in Indian (ayurvedic) medicine. Withania is used for insomnia, helping convalescence after illness or prolonged stress, and improving libido (sexual energy) in both men and women. Withania has been observed to suppress the development of tolerance to morphine and also reduce morphine withdrawal.

Passionflower (Passiflora incarnata): Passionflower has a mellow and meditative effect, promoting an increased sense of inner calm. It is incredibly helpful for people who have overactive minds and nervous systems that will not let them rest and relax. Passionflower has also been described as the perfect medicine to give hyperactive kids or adults as well as senior citizens suffering from tranquilizer addictions.

Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis): Lemon Balm is helpful for conditions involving the nerves. Traditional uses include migraines, headaches, vaccine reactions and sleeplessness. Children seem to respond particularly well to Lemon Balm in tea when they are anxious, upset or they are experiencing internal pain. It strengthens the memory and counteracts melancholy. Multiple studies show an effect in treating anxiety and insomnia as well as calmness and alertness during stress tests.

Californian Poppy (Eschscholtzia californica): The Californian poppy has traditionally been used for reducing pain and helping to promote calm sleep without the dangers of the more powerful opiates of the Opium poppy. Its muscle-relaxing actions have seen it be especially used for children to help with the pain of colic or whooping cough. Californian Poppy has sedative and pain-relieving properties and has been used for the relief of toothache, especially in children. It is commonly used for insomnia, migraines, stressful conditions, nervous bowel, anxiety, depression, and neuralgia (nerve pain). This herb is also good for nocturnal enuresis (bed-wetting). Although the narcotic effect of Californian poppy is much less potent than that of morphine or codeine it will still have pronounced sedative and hypnotic (sleep-inducing) effects when taken in sufficient dosages.

Lavender (Lavandula officinalis): Lavender has been used for centuries for depression and exhaustion, and sleeplessness and irritability. Lavender has been also used internally for mood imbalances such as anxiety, insomnia, and gastrointestinal distress, including the “nervous stomach.” It is a carminative, sedative, and antidepressant.


One heaped teaspoon (2g) per cup of boiling water. Steep covered for 10-20mins.
Take 1 cup daily 30 mins before bed, and take for 3-6 weeks or as directed.


100% organic herbs
Valerian (root), Withania (root), Passionflower (herb), Lemonbalm (leaf), Californian Poppy (herb), Lavender (flower)


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“This is such a lovely treat… a beautiful glass of Herbal Potential Sandman Tea, a delicate blend of some of my favourite herbs including Withania, Lavender and Lemonbalm. It was delicious.”

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