Botanic Infusions

Choose from the range of botanic infusions to improve your well-being:

Herbal Potential provides a delicate range of natural, organic, hand blended herbs for your medicinal benefit.


We are proud to use 100% organic herbs where possible.
Where certified organic herbs are unavailable, we choose wild-crafted and fair trade options, bringing you the highest quality ingredients we can find locally and from further away.

Hand Made

At Herbal Potential everything is crafted by hand.
We small batch blend our products, and we have designed and crafted everything from scratch for you… from weighing the herbs to stamping our logo on the bag.


Our products are all directly from nature, handled with care and love for the earth and our community. We use compostable and re-usable packaging, plates and cups, because we care about the earth that gifted us her products for our use.


Herbal Potential is all about conscious health, conscious decision making and conscious care of our people and the planet. We love making a difference, so we make an effort to spread love and find the perfect product for your needs.

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