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Creating Botanic Infusions Since 2014

Herbal Potential started in 2014, selling almost exclusively at local markets.

Over the years, we have developed and moved into the expo world, online sales and to retailers and cafes in various areas.

One thing that has always stayed the same is our small product range, consistently high-quality organic herbs, and our connection to great taste.

Just try them yourself.

Our Promise to You


Organic Ingredients

We are proud to source 100% organic herbs where possible. Where certified organic herbs are unavailable, we choose wild-crafted and fair trade options.


Earth Care

Our products are directly from nature, handled with care, and packaged with love in 100% paper, compostable and reusable packaging. We are for our people and Papatuanuku.


High Quality

We take care to select the best quality ingredients available, especially for you. We aim to get the most out of each of the herbs and their constituents – as nature intended.


Conscious Purity

By our principles, our loose leaf teas contain only natural herbs – pure and simple. No additives. No flavourings. No fillers, No tea bags.


Our small handcrafted range

We bring you a beautiful artisanal herbal tea range and a collection of organic healing herbs. While each blend can be enjoyed simply for its immaculate and pure taste, each tea has a medicinal function and focus as well.

Most herbs have a multitude of properties and are used medicinally in a myriad of ways. We have chosen our favourite ones and blended them to create something special for you in each tea.

Herbal tea range by Herbal Potential

Your Tea Crafters

Autumn is a medical herbalist, trained in Germany and New Zealand. She is also a Shiatsu practitioner and practices meditation and yoga. Autumn is involved in various community groups and cultural activities. 
Within Autumn’s naturopathic clinic, she works with individually prepared herbal teas for her clients and has always wanted to reach more people with basic herbal blends to treat common ailments and to support good health and wellbeing – naturally and simply.

Jenni is the creative mind and designer behind Herbal Potential. She enjoys developing Herbal Potential from a newborn idea to a Herbal Potential Lifestyle. Jenni is passionate about community, health, and connecting people with their passion and their path. Her love of nature and gardening connects her with the plants and the environmental care integral to Herbal Potential. 

Herbal Potential Owners

Q & A

In The Company of Two Authentic and Creatively Spirited Women In The Pursuit of Freedom & True Purpose

Q. What is your favourite thing about Herbal Potential?

Jenni: Besides the tea? I love the ritual of drinking tea and sharing tea with my friends. It’s a special mindful moment where you are connecting with each other and taking time to actually taste and enjoy powerful plant-based ingredients in herbal tea form.
I love the moment people are surprised at how good they taste since most of my friends are herbal tea drinkers anyway. That’s a stamp of approval right there so we’re pretty chuffed when these herbal tea connoisseurs show their enthusiasm as they’d tell you straight up if they weren’t any good.

Vienna (3 yrs): My favourite thing is that everyone can drink the tea.

Q. What does success mean to you?

Autumn: Creating something that is born out of your true purpose. It’s rewarding, good, and needed. We’re very authentic when it comes to how we live, our “tribe” and we believe that like attracts like. We like good people who do good, we like doing good because we know that has a wider impact on those around us and the environment so as simple as that sounds; at the very heart of what we do and who we are is doing good.

Q. What quotation or person inspires and motivates you the most and why?

Jenni: My daughter. She’s always a step ahead and keeps me on my toes. She challenges me in every way, and most often she’s right. She inspires me to keep working on myself, and be a better human for her. She lights a fire in my gut and makes me want to make a difference in the world.

Q. What called you to do Herbal Potential? What was your lightbulb moment?

Autumn: I think actually the power of herbs, in tea form. How powerful they are and how gently they give changing support. I remember sitting in class (herbalist training) and suddenly knowing that one day I want to make herbal teas for people, teas that give ordinary people like myself access to herbal healing. There’s a lot of aroha that goes into our blends; from the concept right through to how we serve and package our teas. We hope people taste the aroha too!

Q. What does the world need more of / less of?

Jenni: More love. Less bullshit. (and plastic). Who can’t relate to that?

Q. Best piece of advice you’ve received?

Autumn: My Grandmother who was the most important figure in my early life always told me, that friendliness disarms animosity. We never know what’s going on in someone else’s life and I hope that the way I interact and connect with people from all walks of life and different backgrounds makes their day better or even just that bit easier. It’s as simple as a smile of recognition and acknowledgment or something more significant like pouring our hearts and souls into our artisan herbal teas and the rituals that surround that.

Q. Your personal or professional motto.

Jenni: I am my word. If I say something, I’ll do it. If I can’t do it, I won’t say it. I just don’t see the point in saying you’ll do something and not following through. That’s not my style and I’m proud of where that has got me to this day.

Q. What’s your favourite way to relax / thing to come home to?

Autumn: My family is my fave thing to come home to. I relax by listening to the river and the birds and playing music I love. Reconnecting with the land and connecting with those that I love the most fuels my soul and these are some of my happiest moments.

Q. What personality traits are you most proud of and why?

Jenni: My creativity because it allows me to tap into what’s important. It’s what keeps us moving forward all the time. It feels good, connected to inner drive and visioning, and being a natural free thinker it has a huge impact on how I live my day-to-day life. I’m inspired by nature but also art and music; people who think differently to me who challenge the everyday status quo because those are the people and things that make the most positive impact to me

Q. What’s a big lesson you’ve learned running the business?

Autumn: You get back what you put in so you better be prepared to love what you do, and the people you do it with because it makes a big difference. Running the business as a family keeps it close to home. We like to work with people we are aligned with. Being business minded is an important part of it, but having sound core values to help us navigate the business waters so to speak is what keeps us on course.

Q. Name a woman, past or present you look up to and admire?

Jenni: There’s got to be sooo many inspiring women that have done so many epic things. A hard question. Frida Kahlo for being so strong in the face of adversity and vulnerable enough to share it with the world.
“At the end of the day, we can endure a lot more than we think we can” Frida Kahlo

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