Our Story

It has been a long-time dream for us to grow and produce a herbal tea range for everyday medicinal use. We wish to provide simple and affordable herbal medicines to everybody.

With this idea, the original ‘Herbal Potential’ range was developed in 2014, carefully tested for the correct blends and ratios of herbs and lastly great tasting Herbal Teas.

In late 2017 we moved to a beautiful property in the Kaimais, where we will set up gardens and start growing the herbs for our infusions ourselves.  In the meantime we have sourced high quality New Zealand and internationally grown organic and wild-crafted herbs.

We hope you like them as much as we do!

Autumn & Jenni

Autumn is a medical herbalist, trained in Germany and New Zealand. She is also a Shiatsu practitioner and practices meditation and yoga. Autumn is involved in various community groups and cultural activities.

Within Autumn’s naturopathic clinic, she works with individually prepared herbal teas for her clients, and has always wanted to reach more people with basic herbal blends to treat common ailments and to support good health and wellbeing – naturally and simply.

Jenni is the creative mind and designer behind Herbal Potential. She enjoys developing Herbal Potential from a newborn idea to a Herbal Potential Lifestyle.

Jenni is passionate about community, health and connecting people with their passion and their path. Her love of nature and gardening connects her with the plants and the environmental care integral to Herbal Potential.

She loves beauty and simplicity and listening within.



Tummy Well Tea

This tea is soothing and relaxing to your belly. It aids digestion, repairs gut tissue, allowing your
belly to do what it does best: transform… read more

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Sleep Well Tea

This tea is calming and relaxing to your nerves and your body, helps you rest better, improves sleep and keeps up your tolerance for daily stressors… read more

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Breathe Well Tea

This tea is for acute respiratory conditions. An open throat, strong lungs and a clear voice allow you to speak your truth and be authentic. Nourish your voice and listen to its beauty… read more

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Sweet Tooth

Blood Sugar Support Tea

Sweet tooth is a herbal blend that nourishes you, supports your blood sugar and reduces sweet cravings. Sweet tooth makes you feel balanced straight away… read more

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Happy Love Tea

Open your senses with this natural libido boosting herbal mix for happy and enjoyable romantic moments. Passion increases desire and energy levels… read more

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Clear Skin Tea

The power of change and re-development lies within your skin. Morphosis purifies your blood and
skin. It alkalises your body and enhances your bodys power of detoxification… read more

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Cool Flush

Hormone Support Tea

This tea helps to manage hormonal symptoms such as PMS and menopause, including hot flushes. It is energising, influences hormonal reactions, balances and gives you back control in your life… read more

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Energy Tea

The herbs in buzz are uplifting and energising – to get you going, allow you to deal with stress better and be more adaptable to life’s daily challenges… read more

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Herbal Potential provides you with great quality and affordable accessories for your tea brewing rituals and natural health support… read more

Bamboo & Stainless Steel Tea Flask
Bamboo Tea Flask
Herbal Potential - Travel Tea Flask - Glass
Glass Tea Flask
T-Sac Filter - Unbleached Paper Tea Bag
T-Sac Filters
Herbal Potential Gift Pack - Assorted Teas
Tea Gift Pack

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